An Excellent Adventure

My husband turned 75 this year and we are celebrating this milestone with 75 adventures. We’ve chosen to include the intentional and unintentional adventures, both good and challenging. This liberal definition of adventure has resulted far more adventures than we anticipated and we’re up to 68, but this approach to the year has just been so much fun.

Our most recent adventure was truly outstanding and this one was deliberate. Bob spent almost his entire military service at Vance Air Force Base as an instructor pilot in Enid, Oklahoma, and he has always wanted to go back. Vance AFB is still a training base and they still fly the T-38 Talons and the T-6 Texans. Thanks to the base Public Information Officer, Bob’s dream came true.

We set out at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday on a Delta flight to Tulsa. Pass-riding is its own adventure, but we were cleared early and we had first class seats. Even better, we sat together! The driver of the rental car van couldn’t believe we were going to Enid, but I reminded myself this is BOB’S DREAM COME TRUE, not mine.

Anyway, we made it to the Hampton Inn and settled in. I work remote but I can get my 10-12 hour workdays in most anywhere. Bob was like a kid at Christmas. He kept running to the window to look at the planes, so I sent him out to explore the town on his own. After all, I was at work and I had meetings ALL DAY LONG.

Lt. Schroeder arranged an absolutely fabulous tour of the base, including simulator time. I went over on my lunch hour to see the sim and watch Bob fly. He surprised me by giving me part of his sim time, so I got to takeoff, fly around, do some aerobatics, and land. It was fun to be back at the controls of a jet again, even if it was a simulator.

I packed up the mobile office and we drove back to Tulsa last night to catch a 0600 flight home this morning. It is good to be back, with memories of another REALLY EXCELLENT adventure!

It’s good to be home.

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