Missing Cat Saga

In anticipation of my husband’s birthday party and 100 guests walking in and out of our home, we decided to board our cats with Plantation Animal Hospital, the veterinarian we have used for over three years in Macon, GA. You can imagine our surprise when, on Friday afternoon, someone from the vet’s office called and asked us to come as soon as we could. She was apologetic when she explained one of our cats, Chanel, had escaped. The person who was moving the cats from their individual crates to the kennel had left both crates open, and at the same time had left a door to the outside propped open with a rock.

Chanel likes to go outside and this was exactly the reason we had decided to board them. They would be safe, right? Wrong. We made our way to the vet’s office and walked all around outside, calling Chanel and looking for signs of her. Heartbroken, we went home after an hour of futile searching.

By Saturday afternoon, we were frantic and had exhausted our search efforts. We posted photos and notices on social media and animal rescue sites, but we heard nothing. At 2:00 p.m., my very sad daughter posted a negative review on the veterinarian’s website, and got an immediate response: they had found our cat and she was secure inside. Soon after, I got an apologetic email from one of the vets, Dr. Susan Howard. It would be too little, too late.

Early Monday afternoon, my husband went to pick up the cats and bring them home. You can imagine his surprise when our grey and white female cat had been transformed into a black male cat! Surprise quickly turned to anger. I was on a plane already for a business trip, so I was of no use. All I could do was worry. How could this be? I had sent them photos of the cat. They had records of the cat, so how could they confuse a black male with a petite grey female cat? Had anyone even seen our cat?   Don’t cats have medical records? Especially when this has been her vet for over three years and she has been boarded in the past?

Now it is Tuesday and we have no Chanel and no answers. Chanel is the best pet I’ve ever owned, with the possible exception of my horse. This will be another sleepless night.

I am just so sad.12771995_10153900318852667_1039801469935224571_o

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