Man shall not live on white bread alone…or something like that

We are two weeks into our exchange student experience, and so far, her diet is limited to white bread and brownies.  My husband is now baking brownies at least every other day, and she eats them all in the course of two days.  The only thing she eats that is healthy is seafood.

After a couple of days at school, she asked for a lunchbox.  We got a lunchbox for her and some various options for lunches.  What did she choose?  White bread!  We have a refrigerator full of lunch foods, as well as soups and a thermos, but she only eats white bread.

 I made beef stew one night, and she ate three bites of rice and left the table. Roasted chicken and rice was the same way.  We’ve had salmon, twice, and she ate very well.  She didn’t eat the shrimp I cooked, although she did eat the shrimp at Red Lobster.  She doesn’t eat vegetables, except for potatoes.  Each night, she has come down after we are in bed and eaten more bread and brownies.

I thought I could turn this into something humorous, but I’m too worried right now to make a joke.  Eating disorders are no laughing matter.  Her eating drastically changed after her younger brother told her she was fat.  Mind you, he is in China and she is here, so he can’t even see her.  This is when she stopped eating and she ordered a bathroom scale on Amazon.  

But, as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day.  I have spoken with the liaison and we are looking for solutions.  I really am quite fond of this young lady, and I am worried about her.   I’d love some suggestions.

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